Offre d'emploi : Senior UX/UI Designer


You will join a caring team as a Senior UX UI Designer to help big companies on many B2b, B2c issues.

Poste / Missions

Tasks :

- Build & go deeper into user’s knowledges, market and environment depending on the clients (audit, benchmarking, data analysis, user’s interviews …)

- Create and host workshops to generate ideas and points of view (JTBD, card sortingcrazy eightetc.). 

- Build user flow, wire flow, and create original, efficient, and memorable interface (prototyping)

- Define and set up KPIs

- Participate in pre-sales

- Collaborate with all the team (PM, PO, Dev, Design.)

- Be proactive

Profil recherché

You :

Our client isn’t looking only for someone with hard skills but also for someone with a good mindset:

- You’re used to share and to help your team

- You support the MVP strategy

- You are always trying to improve yourself. Obviously, you are up to date about the trends and new tools/methodologies (design, users focus)

- You think that it’s possible to mix business issues and societal challenges

- Expert in Figma and Sketch

- You’re able to host an English workshop


Remote partiel


UX UI Design Figma Sketch Anglais

Les +

Tickets Restaurant
Prise en charge des transports (50%)
Prime vacances
Environnement international


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