Offre d'emploi : Senior DevOps – American startup


My client, a young Blockchain startup is looking for his first DevOps, to join them in their adventure!

Their goal? Enable hoteliers to deal directly with their partners through transparent, flexible and profitable decentralized infrastructures.

My client's technology is uniquely positioned to bring more
efficient, transparent, and cost-effective ways to do business in hospitality.

Some of the technology currently using includes: Kubernetes, Docker,
GraphQL, Hyperledger Fabric, ArgoCD, Terraform, AWS.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to take part in several challenges in the Blockchain? This adventure is for you!



Poste / Missions

For this role my client is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to help improve the deployment and maintenance of our core network technology.

While we already have completed a fair amount of deployment automation, this role would help educate the team on bestpractices and help optimize what we have in place.

In addition to internal operations, we need help streamlining the deployment of our technology on 3rd party Kubernetes clusters.

This is a critical component that will help our partners operate nodes of our network on their own infrastructure.

Over time, this role will be introduced to our core technology, distributed systems,
and the technical challenges of keeping data synchronized in a network with nodes
running around the world.

You will work in a technical team of 6 people.

Exemple of some responsabilites:

  • Designing / Deploying Best K8s practices
  • Educating the rest of the team about K8s best practices
  • Streamlining the deployment of our technology on 3rd party infrastructure
  • Building tools to help monitor performance and availability of a distributed ledger network
  • Help identify performance bottlenecks and optimizations for response time and TPS.
  • Manage tooling for the local development of a distributed service

About technologies:

  • Kubernetes
  • AWS + Other Cloud Providers
  • Basic JavaScript / TypeScript
  • GraphQL  (nice to have)
  • Terraform
  • ArgoCD
  • Monitoring / Alerting Stacks (Prometheus, Graphana)
  • Service Resource Optimization
  • Security Auditing / Analysis

Profil recherché

  • 3+ years of K8s experience in a production setting and open-source contributions to applications using Helm/k8s preferred.
  • Experience on multicloud
  • Fluency in English
  • Curious about the web3
  • Excellent work ethic with the ability to work quickly, efficiently and multi-task.
  • Desire and ability to innovate and improve current processes.
  • Positive attitude and team player


This job offer is a long term freelance contract with the same benefits as a long term contract including 4 weeks paid vacation.


Full Remote


Cloud: AWS/GCP/Azure Docker Kubernetes ArgoCD Terraform Good communication

Les +

Full remote
Creation of a new position
Flexing working hours
international context


Sara Brissi

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