Offre d'emploi : Indice Engineer – Data Broker


The client is a company created in 2014. Its main activity is to collect, normalize and sale financial data to provide crypto-currency actors and institutions.

Today they own more than five years of data which means more than 40 000 assets on many different trading platforms that make the company the most trusted data base of the industry.

They are looking for someone who will join a fast-paced engineering team made up of people with significant experience working with terabytes of data.

The current stacks the company uses :

  • Monitoring: VictoriaMetrics, Grafana
  • Alerting: AlertManager, Karma, PagerDuty
  • Logging: Vector, Loki
  • Caching: FoundationDB, Redis
  • Secrets management and PKI: Vault
  • Configuration management and provisioning: Terraform, Ansible
  • Service discovery: Consul
  • Messaging: Kafka
  • Proxying: HAProxy, Traefik
  • Service deployment: Terraform, Nomad (plugged in Consul and Vault), Kubernetes (to a
  • lesser extent, used for non production critical workloads)
  • Database systems: ClickHouse (main datastore), PostgreSQL (ACID workloads)
  • Protocols: gRPC, HTTP (phasing out in favor of gRPC), WebSocket (phasing out in favor
  • of gRPC)
  • Platforms (packaged in containers): Golang, NodeJS (phasing out in favor of Golang),
  • Ruby (phasing out in favor of Golang)
  • Analytics: Python 3, C# (phasing out in favor of Python 3)
  • Indices: Python 3, Scala


Poste / Missions


  • Design, develop and deploy scalable and observable backend microservices
  • Reflect on our storage, querying and aggregation capabilities, as well as the technologies required to meet our objectives
  • Work hand-in-hand with the indices team on developing new features, addressing issues and extending the platform
  • Create and maintain our index automation platform (UI + Spark)

Profil recherché

  • Proficient in Python 3 and/or Scala
  • Proficient in Spark/Dataproc
  • Knowledgeable about frontend development (simple UIs)
  • Knowledgeable in software development in general: code versioning, release
  • management, testing, etc.
  • Understanding of financial instruments, financial market data and derivatives pricing
  • Comfortable working with massive data querying and management

… also :

  • Honest: receiving and giving feedback is very important to you
  • Humble: making new errors is an essential part of your journey
  • Empathetic: you feel a sense of responsibility for all the team’s endeavors rather than
  • focus on individual contributions
  • Committed: as an equally important member of the team, you want to make yourself
  • heard while respecting everybody’s point of view
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • You have the utmost respect for legacy code and infrastructure, with some occasional and perfectly understandable respectful complaints



50 - 70k
Full Remote


Software engineering Python Spark Scala UI Finance Data

Les +

Full remote allowed
An entrepreneurial environment
work with an internationally diverse team
Hardware of your choice
Meal vouchers
Multiple team events and staff surprises


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